Yep. It’s been 10 years since we kicked this thing off and started supporting  local businesses, churches, schools, and events one t-shirt at a time.

To celebrate, we’re giving our customers 10% off their orders of any size. 10 years. 10% off.

Enter your coupon code before completing your order. Start your order now!

Offer ends November 20, 2020

Perfect for:

-Your next event

-Some updated swag and branded merch

-Schools and churches

-Non-profit organizations and charities

-Any business: from banks to breweries, corporate offices to coffee shops, restaurants to real estate


What makes iNK different? 

-We’ve made ordering online as easy as it gets. Tell us what you want, we send you a proof & a quote.

-We love LOCAL. We love where we live, we love supporting local businesses and organizations, and nothing means more to us than simply caring for each other.

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