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About iNK

Two guys named Drew and Justin were longtime friends, having met and grown up playing in punk rock bands together. At some point in 2008 an idea came along to start a clothing brand, so to keep the start-up costs low the budding business partners decided to learn how to screen print their own shirts. They quickly realized, however, that printing for other people was cool too, and iNK was born soon after. It's been an awesome ride ever since!

Through the years iNK has grown from just two guys slinging shirts in a garage to a well established commercial screen printing business capable of producing large volume orders consistently and quickly. Based in our hometown of Lakeland FL, iNK's top-notch team focuses on providing customers with great quality apparel printing in high quantities, order simplicity, and genuinely meaningful relationships. These relationships allow us to give back to our community, grow our company year after year, and make it easy for good people to make an impact with shirts people love to wear!


Primary Goal

We strive to build a legacy by partnering with our customers and being their trusted, reliable printer for years to come.

Company Values

Keep It Simple: 

Stay Proactive & Driven:

Take Care of Each Other:

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